Villages - the Gallery

Exhibition Description

Thirty-nine aerial photographs of what remains – seen from the air & through the water - of the Lost Villages. These photographs were taken by Louis Helbig from an aircraft.

We see the elements of conventional landscapes in an unusual place – under water.

The remains: Churches. Locks. Stumps. Canals. Islands. Foundations. Bridges. Barns. Houses. Railways. Roads. Level Crossings. Floors. A Race Track.

Blended into a watery world: Waves. Boats. Fish. Swimmers. Currents. Birds landscapeswatery environment blend with this peculiar space. Boats. Birds. Swimmers and fish.

Captions - Geography & History

Each aerial photograph has a descriptive title, and is situated with it’s latitude and longitude and with the name of Lost Village it (still) belongs to.

The captions are both descriptive (road, bridge, church, and the like) and contextual. They relate some of the social, cultural and political history surrounding the construction of the St Lawrence Seaway and the disappearance of 12 communities in Canada and the United States.