Art Buckland

Art Buckland grew up on Sheek’s Island.

“In terms of the Seaway itself, we moved five times. We were renting. And each time they tore the house down behind us.

Because Hydro had bought the property and so on and they were getting ready. This was starting about, well, in the 50s.

I was actually away at college from about ’53 on and home only for the summers. And once, returning home, I couldn’t find my parents. I had to ask around where they had moved to.”

Art Buckland's Voice

Art Buckland, Interview Audio Excerpts, Lost Villages Historical Society Schoolhouse, Long Sault, Ontario. August 14, 2013

We moved five times as they were building the Seaway. Tearing the houses down behind us.

The Hydro negotiators were ruthless. People had a naive faith in people and political leadership which was not justified.

Sheek’s Island was barren and bereft.

The schooling on Sheek’s Island was very good.

I was partly responsible for the Seaway because I was employed to measure water levels every 15 minutes. Hope didn’t use his data as he used used granddad's watch and not as attentive as could have been.

Opening day. Remember President Eisenhower butchering the French language

I liked crossing river when it was frozen. A character in town would cross over first and put marks out. It was also fun for skating and hockey.

Lessons learned. One must meet power with group power, for example when fighting pipelines and bureaucracy.

The between farmers and Mohawks on Sheeks Island. And the story of the dance hall.


Video Excerpt: Art Buckland, Lost Villages Historical Society Schoolhouse, Long Sault, Ontario. August 14, 2013

In this video clip Art Buckland talks about how his family moved 5 times, each time having the house tore down behind them.

For many families the changes wrought on their communities did not happen all at once, but gradually. Some children shifted schools 2 or 3 times before moving into a new one in Ingleside of Long Sault. Others moved several times. During the period before the flood the landscape kept changing as buildings and every standing thing, natural or man-made was leveled.


Art Buckland grew up on Sheeks Island and his family moved several times before finding a permanent home.

Art has a long and distinguished career of community service. He was a school trustee for over 40 years.

He resides in Martintown, Ontario.